☝️Required Software 1

Required GUI-Application Software

GUI-application software is software we run with a graphical user interface (GUI) on our operating system.


Slack is a chat software and Rocket's primary mode of communication. It allows us to communicate across our school, within sections, and between individuals. Many tech companies internationally use Slack for internal communication.


  1. Download the Slack mobile app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store

  2. Download the Slack desktop app for your relevant operating system here.

Slack is one of the cornerstone mediums on which this course operates! Look through the quick-start guide if new to slack, and please read through the Slack House Rules before the course begins.


Zoom is Rocket's chosen video conferencing software for class. Each section will have its own Zoom room. The link to this room can be found at the top of each section's Slack channel.


  1. Download the Zoom Client for Meetings here.

  2. Start a new meeting to test that your webcam and microphone are working.


Chrome is the most popular web browser for software engineers because of its mature developer tools, which we will soon see in course videos. Chrome also has the largest library of browser extensions, which further help developers build and maintain software.


  1. Download Chrome for your OS here.


VSCode is the most popular code editor in the world. We will write all code for SWE Fundamentals inside of VSCode. Download VSCode for your OS here.

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