8.4: GitHub Repo Browsing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should:

  • Be familiar with navigating GitHub.

  • Know how to view the commit history of a repo.

  • Know how to navigate the Pull Requests tab in GitHub


One of the biggest benefits of Git is the ability to see contents of previous commits or versions. We can do this within the command line interface of Git, but it is easier on the GitHub website. Familiarise yourself with everything the GitHub website can display about your repo.

Repo and Commit Navigation

Pull Request Navigation

What if I want to undo something from a previous commit?

We can "roll back" our repos to a previous commit with the git revert command, but due to the small nature of our apps in Coding Fundamentals, it may be easier to "roll forward" by copying the code we want from a previous commit in GitHub, pasting that code into our local repo, and creating a new commit for these changes.


Follow Along

Follow along with the video to navigate your own repo.

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