🚂Bootcamp Admission Criteria

TLDR: Application form for bootcamp is here:(https://rocketacademy.typeform.com/bootcampapply)

The knowledge taught in SWE Fundamentals are pre-requisite for entrance into Rocket Academy's Bootcamp.

Section leaders can share feedback with students each class on their progress if you ask. By the end of Fundamentals, students should be aware of their ability to enrol in the Bootcamp.

The criteria to pass coding Fundamentals and join Bootcamp are the following.

  1. Completion and submission of the 3 projects in SWE Fundamentals

  2. Demonstrated improvement between each of the 3 projects based on section leader feedback

  3. Understanding of all core concepts acquired in Coding Fundamentals

The application process will be as follows:

  1. An application found here, which would link you to our official application form

  2. A small multiple choice quiz to ensure you have picked up and understood the core concepts from Coding Fundamentals

  3. When passed, an interview will be scheduled with our admissions team. It is best to take part in this interview on a laptop as there will be a small coding component to it.

Through the above criteria, Rocket is essentially asking the question: Would I hire this person as a software engineer if I had their attention for 4 months full time or 8 months part time to teach them coding. If the answer is yes, welcome to Bootcamp! If the answer is currently no, let's have a conversation and see how we can help you get where you want to be!

We look forward to seeing your application soon!

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